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Y O H A N N A   I D H A 

Yohanna Idha is an award winning actress. Praised for her ability to portray the characters story without judgement. Yohanna Idha always strives to bring out the essence of the being she is portaying.

Yohanna works internationally as an actress / photographer.

Upcoming work involves the Hollywood distributed Vikingsaga RUNE OF THE DEAD | The thrillerdrama tv series BLINDED directed by Jens Jonsson and has several interesting projects lines up this year including upcoming work with Dolph Lundgren & shooting the feature film LEGEND DARK RIDER 

Yohanna Idha has a wide range both emotionally and physically. If you want to work with Yohanna. Please do not hestitate to ask for a personal skype meeting or a self tape.

Yohanna Idha is represented by Schultzberg Agency  

Yohanna Idha is mostly know for her portrayal as Linda in CERTAIN PEOPLE / KATINKAS KALAS for which she was awarded Best Actress at the Stockholm International Filmfestival. Yohanna has been nominated for the Lóreal Paris Rising Star award and for a Swedish Academy Award for best supporting actress. She has worked on the multiaward winning independent AVE MATAR / VILSEN as well as acted opposite Lifetime achievement award winning hollywood legend Bo Svenson.