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photo by Richard Ryan. Hair and makeup Kim Ikonen. September 17"Yohanna Idha står ut som den trasiga och trashiga Linda"

("Yohanna Idha stands out as the broken and trashy Linda"). Mats Bråstedt, Expressen


Yohanna is an actress who devotes herself to her characters. Her ability to morph into the woman she’s portraying has earned her praises from directors, co-workers, the media & the industry across the globe. That ability to vary her looks & performance according to  the characters she’s portraying is a skill which makes her suitable for a large variety of characters. Yohanna offers a wide acting range & a strong emotional connection which she uses both intuitively & with help from acting techniques (meisner) learned at the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts (NYC). Yohanna has been in the running for major productions & her performances are often lifted and mentioned in high regards. 


The love for storytelling & understanding the faith of others was developed during her childhood & she has been acting on stage ever since. Her breakthrough in Sweden was in the film “Certain People” (Katinkas Kalas) as the lively, blonde tv-show hostess. A performance which won her the Best Actress Award, a Lóreal paris rising star nomination, a nomination by the Swedish Film Institute (Guldbaggen) & was ranked second best by Steve Dollar at the TribeCa Filmfestival as well as praised in countless reviews. Her talent, star quality, professionalism & strong on-camera presence are her greatest assets. 



photo Richard Ryan september 2017. makeup & hair Kim Ikonen





Yohanna Idha's performance in Ave Mater has been very well received by media. A film which has won over 30 awards across the globe including Best film, Best Directing & Best Music at the Hollywood International Picture & Film Festival. The film has been in the top lists in Sweden during 2016 & is available on Itunes, Amazon.com, SF anytime. The film is released by Luckydogs & you can pick up your copy at Skepnad.se


Yohanna Idha currently works with Dolph Lundgren, developing his film idea into a script & will act in the upcoming productions Nordic Light & Without You I'm Nothing. 


The Featurefilm "Ledend of Dark Rider" has won over 20 awards throughout the world & is directed by Titus Paar. Yohanna Idha will portrait the character The Black Witch Queen in the film which will finish shooting in 2018. 




Yohanna Idha grew up on the countryside in She is used to moving freely in the woods & being on the horseback. She started acting at an early age as she got the lead part in a childrens musical at 7 yrs old. Since then she has pursued acting but it wasn't until she was accepted at the American Adacemy of Dramatic Arts in New York City that she started getting bigger parts. She has worked on national tv-series & numerous independend productions & her work has been well received by critics & the business. 


Yohanna Idha is married since 2013 & the couple got a daughter in 2014. She lives on the countryside in Sweden but travels for work.